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Minimum viable product examples from successful businesses such as Zappos, Dropbox, and Twitter back up the above statement. When it comes to MVP websites and mobile app initiatives, the MVP idea is not new. However, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the MVP strategy and how to use MVP examples appropriately.

Before learning more about Minimum viable product examples let’s know more about the concept of MVP and how it can become the savior of your business.

What is Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

The Minimum Viable Product is a development strategy in which a new product is brought to the market with minimal characteristics that are sufficient to pique the interest of customers.

Only after receiving adequate input from the product’s early consumers is the completed product launched to the market. It is the most basic form of the product that the firm intends to offer. It may be a car, a website, a television, or a laptop.

Companies aim to assess the response of prospective consumers or purchasers by offering the simplest version to them. This strategy assists them in significantly improving the result. The MVP idea will assist the research or marketing team in determining where the product is missing and/or what its strengths and shortcomings are.

MVP has three main characteristics. The first is that it will have enough features for customers to purchase the product making it simpler for the firm to advertise it, and the second is that it will include some form of feedback system where people can provide input on the product.

Finally, it should provide sufficient future advantages for people who accept the product initially.

The MVP is the simplest version of a product that may yet be released. MVPs are commonly found in product demos, crowdfunding initiatives, and landing sites. In other circumstances, the MVP might be a smattering of various current tools used to demonstrate feasibility before developing it as a distinct tool or program. It is composed of 3 key characteristics:

  • It is valuable enough that individuals are prepared to use or purchase it at first.
  • It provides a sufficient future advantage to keep early adopters.
  • It serves as a feedback loop for future growth.

Who Should Use Minimum Viable Products?

what-does-minimum-viable-product-meanMVP product development may help any firm. Here are a few ideas to start your head racing about the possibilities:


Complex apps are difficult to create. There’s a lot of front-end and back-end design and programming effort involved to develop a finished piece of software. Allow clients or users to try the product early on to understand how they utilize and perceive the service. What do they enjoy? What is lacking?


Imagine spending 20 hours creating a logo, landing page, or design only to discover that the customer or your boss despises it. What if, instead, you drew out your concept first, solicited early input from stakeholders, and then utilized that knowledge to shape the remainder of your design?

Video Games:

Back in the day, video games were purchased on CDs, and that was the result. Nowadays, you can buy, download, or even stream video games directly to your computer or console. Instead of spending months or years perfecting video games, businesses are releasing lesser versions to the market early on and then gradually adding features and material.

Why Is Minimum Viable Product Important?

An MVP assists you in obtaining early data that verifies user interest in your product. It holds some significant importance for businesses which will eventually help them level up.

Following are some ways or goals you can achieve with MVP.

1# Quicker Release Time:

It is commonly considered that people pay special attention to the product that first enters the market. It does not always matter if your product delivers a solution or meets client requests; the sooner you get your product to the user, the better. MVP projects take only a few months, allowing you to roll out your goods more quickly, increasing its chances of success in a changing market.

The advantages of MVP development include a clean, straightforward, and fully working product that will be released shortly.

2# Cost-Effective:

One of the major advantages of MVP is the ability to produce products at a low cost. Creating the first versions of your product with less functionality is a simple and cost-effective technique. Furthermore, investing less in the early phase allows you to save money for future enhancements. Million-dollar firms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify, Airbnb, Uber, Zappos, Dropbox, and others began as minimal viable products. Businesses may now invest more and more wisely as they get more users and collect more data.

3# Your Product Does Exactly What It Claims to Do:

Starting with, a minimal viable product focuses the team on the key functionality and value of your program. Essentially, MVP offers organizations clear signals about the product in terms of what works and what does not work, what can be added, and, most importantly, what can be updated. Creating an MVP helps to keep your initial product free of undesired and unnecessary features.

This implies that your new clients will receive a basic product that does precisely what it is shown to the audience. The earlier release of your program allows you to evaluate the market.

4# Improves Team’s Learning Curve:

When you launch the first version of your MVP, you have a good understanding of the customer’s behavior and pattern. However, releasing your product in its MVP form provides your development team with several opportunities to get in-depth knowledge about your product. Thus, use the consumer feedback collected from users to improve and enhance the product’s next updates.

The MVP approach is more iterative in nature. MVP development provides a platform for your team to learn and use iterative development methodologies such as Agile, which may bring more value to the product throughout development.

5# Demands On the Market:

Before introducing a product, it is critical to determine if the product will be successful in the market. MVP allows you to assess market demand early on to assure the success of your project. You must guarantee that there is a demand for your goods in your target market. Because you cannot invest your entire investment solely on a single assumption. However, by assessing the minimum viable product performance, you may test the same idea in the market and continue with the concept, update it, or radically pivot based on the findings.

MVP development enables firms to reach the actual market more quickly, allowing you to field-test your ideas and gather consumer feedback on the whole product.

How To Create a Minimum Viable Product?

why-is-minimum-viable-product-importantNow that we have established the significance of a minimal viable product, let’s look at how to create one. Here are the five measures to take.

1) Create An Audience:

It all starts with developing a minimum viable audience (MVA) around topics that are important to them. Starting and growing a blog is one of the finest methods to build an audience. Do you lack an audience? Drive sponsored or organic traffic to MVP landing pages to quickly market your concept or create a list.

2) Pay Attention to What They Desire:

Listen when you interact with your audience. Determine what they require. Learn about their problems, sorrows, and goals. Don’t wait for them to directly tell you otherwise; you’ll be waiting forever.

3) Try Out Your Ideas:

See whether your concept is well received. Ask a tiny subset of your target audience if they’d buy the product you are planning to produce. Make a short poll and ask them what their top difficulties are or allow them to select a product concept from various options.

4) Create A Basic Product:

Once you have identified your target audience’s demands and selected a viable concept, create a product with key characteristics. Regardless of its flaws, expose it to your audience as soon as possible. It does not have to be spectacular from the start.

5) Utilize Audience Comments to Improve the Product:

Fine-tune the service or product until it is completely created.

Minimum Viable Product Examples:

Perhaps you are wondering: Does the MVP business structure work? Here are some minimum viable product examples that are now successful ventures:


Foursquare is a location-based social network that began as a single-featured MVP in 2009. Earlier in the day, it enabled users to check in from various locations, share with their family and family, and get badges in exchange. There was no functionality or complex design, simply the gamification piqued people’s interest in utilizing the service. This increased the product’s popularity, and as you may know, Foursquare is now a full city directory that is used globally to find hotels, restaurants, locations for amusement, and more.

Google AdWords Express:

Customers’ appropriate ad text is generated using AdWords Express. Its method looked to be automated from the outset. On the back end, however, a crew of students would swiftly compose advertisements and distribute them to buyers. When it became clear that customers desired this service, the process was entirely automated, and AdWords Express was expanded.


Mark Zuckerberg launched the renowned social networking site Facebook in 2004. The fundamental MVP concept was to link Harvard students. Users were able to send messages on the site, and the notion proved successful enough that the platform was expanded with more complicated capabilities. Mark eventually shaped Facebook into what it is today.

Not only that but several other success stories use MVP as a kick-starter aspect. For product firms and start-ups, starting with an MVP is the ideal way to go.



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