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SEO extensions can be defined as browser add-ons that you can add to your internet browser, such as Google Chrome. They offer various tools, features, and ways to improve websites for search engines.

Importance of SEO Chrome Extensions

The tools offered by SEO extensions work with your internet browser and provide the following features for SEO:

  • Finding popular keywords.
  • Analyzing on-page SEO.
  • Keeping track of backlinks.
  • Studying competitors.
  • Assist users in simplifying SEO tasks.
  • Collecting information.
  • Increasing the overall efficacy of the website’s search engine results.
  • Helps implement structured data that improves and enhances the website’s content appearance in search results.
  • Page/website ranking can be tracked by using SEO extensions.
  • Provide suggestions for improving the readability of the website’s content.
  • Helps identify issues like duplicate content and page-load speed.

12 Best SEO `Extensions for Chrome

Many SEO extensions are designed to cater to different SEO needs for different internet browsers. This blog lists the 12 best SEO extensions suggested by experts for Chrome.

1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

It is a tool that gives you three types of information for keywords on Google: how often people search for them each month, how much advertisers pay for each click, and how many advertisers compete for those keywords in Google AdWords.

With this extension, you no longer need to switch between Google Keywords and your browser. It is a tool that works directly in your browser. This browser add-on helps you put keywords right where you want to put them without spending much time switching between tabs.

2. Similar Web

Similar Web

Similar Web is a well-known extension that lets you know where your site ranks globally or in a specific country. You can also get traffic and key metrics by using this Chrome SEO extension.

It gives you the magnified analysis and statistics of your website’s engagement rate, traffic sources and ranking, and keyword ranking.

Furthermore, you can see where your website visitors come from, such as search engines, emails, social media, and ads. You can improve your content and marketing plans with more knowledge about where your website visitors come from.

Google Trends

Trends is a tool from Google that helps build and connect websites with Google. Trends show data, using graphs, about the most popular searches on Google (from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour to Kim Kardashian) in different countries. Trends can show you how popular certain topics are in your field. Trends help you stay updated with the changing SEO world to stay ahead of everyone else.

4. Hunter

Hunter io

Hunter is one of the best Chrome extensions for SEO. If you want to create links, the Hunter extension shows you the contact information of a page you visit. It also gives you a confidence score and verification information.

You can use this extension to find emails linked to a specific website. Simply click on the Hunter Chrome icon. You can also use it to find email addresses. To find someone’s email address on Hunter, enter their name into the search box. You will then see a list of emails associated with that person.

Additionally, it allows you to make lists. Click on the “plus” sign to add a lead to your list and use their information for email marketing. This feature works well with common CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, and HubSpot.

5. CheckBot


CheckBot is a perfect option if you wish to optimize your site and make it more user-friendly. With the help of this extension, you can easily scan important elements of your website, like duplicate content, broken links, security, and speed.

With a single click, you will have the ease to check on multiple pages. It also analyses essential SEO elements like Sitemap setup and checks for mobile friendliness. This is why CheckBot lands in the category of best Chrome extensions for SEO.

6. SEO Minion

seo minion

Make your everyday SEO tasks easier with SEO Minion. The SEO Minion Chrome extension helps save time on SEO tasks like analyzing on-page SEO, checking broken links, and previewing SERPs. It does this without hurting your search ranking.

In addition to its current SEO features, SEO Minion has added new tools to analyze and track data based on user suggestions. This extension is a good option for simple tasks and specific requirements. What’s the best part? SEO Minion is one of those free Chrome extensions that can solve many of your SEO-related problems.

7. Mangools


Mangools is among the best Chrome extensions for SEO and the tool that fixes every of your SEO issues. You can use it to speed up your daily workflow. You can see the words each page ranks for (without using a keyword research tool), check for links to the page, and analyze the SEO performance of the page.

You can use the tool without paying, but you’ll get more benefits with a premium Mangools account. You can begin with a payment of $19. 90 per month for the available plans.

Moreover, every time you visit a website, it will automatically show you key metrics, which include trust flow, citation flow, referring IPs, page authority, and domain authority.

8. Ubersuggest


The Chrome extension of Ubersuggest allows you to see keyword information directly on Google search results. It is the best Chrome extension for SEO. If you click on the ‘view all options in Ubersuggest, you can see how often people search for something each month, how much it costs to advertise, the age group of people interested, words related to the topic, and the percentage of people who clicked on different types of search results.

It also displays related keywords and their information without leaving the search engine results page. You can save the data as a CSV file or select any of the information categories under “People also search for. ” This will bring you to the Ubersuggest dashboard for your chosen keyword.

9. MozBar


MozBar lets users quickly check SEO directly in their browser with just one click. MozBar shows information about web pages and lets users download search engine results into a file and see analytics. Getting MozBar Premium gives you extra features like analyzing how hard a keyword is, improving your page, and looking at search engine results.

MozBar helps you easily check your SEO with just one click. It saves a lot of time for busy SEO professionals, so it is included in our 12 best Chrome extensions for SEO list.

10. SiteChecker


SiteChecker is a tool that checks and analyzes SEO for websites. It is free but also offers premium features. You can use the tool to get a free report about a website’s on-page SEO. It helps you find any problems quickly. You can use the extension without making an account.

This SEO extension also provides information related to different website metrics, such as link data, images, indexation, structured data, basic page information, and SEO optimization advice.

It will also help you look for problems with how your website appears on search engines and how your competitors are doing. You will also give a general assessment of how well a website is optimized for search engines to potential new customers. Additionally, you will identify any broken links when reaching out to other websites for backlinks and find any images that are too big and may slow down your website.

11. SEOQuake


SEOQuake is a tool that tells you how well a website and its pages are doing. It gives you information on things like visibility and performance. One of the main things it offers is a toolkit for improving search engine optimization (SEO). This toolkit helps users study the links that direct traffic to their website and track how well certain keywords rank in search results.

It also gives tips for improving on-page SEO, which can be easily integrated into an SEO plan. On-page SEO suggestions from SEOQuake can help you improve your content right away. It is also a helpful tool for detailed analytics.

12. Page Analytics

page analytics

The Google Analytics extension tool is used to compare and separate data. Understanding how your customers use your website can be difficult. Even if Page Analytics is no longer updated, it is still a very useful tool that makes the process much easier.

It lets you know what things users choose to click on and what things they choose to ignore. This means you can gather information to make a wise choice before changing the design of your website. By doing so, you can improve how users interact with your website and increase the number of people who take action on your site.

Google Analytics measures different things on a website, such as how many times a page has been viewed, the percentage of people who leave the website after viewing only one page, and how much time people spend on a page.


That sums up our list of 12 best Chrome extensions for SEO. You can choose any of them depending on your site’s requirements. These extensions can assist in enhancing your SEO efforts by offering useful information, evaluating competitors, and optimizing website content.

Whether you are an experienced SEO expert or a beginner, these extensions can be a valuable and helpful tool for you. Spend some time looking into each extension’s different features and advantages and understand how they can assist in improving your SEO strategy. If you struggle to decide, you always outsource for better performance. Seek assistance from companies offering the best SEO services and learn more about some of these best Chrome extensions.



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