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More and more people are starting to shop online, which creates a chance for anyone to earn money online. Many online stores can make a lot of money, which makes this business idea very profitable.

Nowadays, various websites allow anyone to begin selling things on the internet easily. Each online shopping platform has different features. Therefore, it is important to do some research and select the one that best suits your needs.

Using WordPress for your business allows you to expand your online store easily by using plugins. You have many options with 50,000 plugins to choose from to create a WordPress site that easily meets your business goals.

Do you own a website made with WordPress and want to convert it into an online store? You will need some add-ons for that. But how do you pick the correct ones when so many options are available?

We are here to help with that!

We have searched everywhere to create a list of the best WordPress e-commerce plugins that you will ever need. We talk about the add-ons that make your website able to sell things and those that will help you do well with your online store.

What is a WordPress E-commerce Plugin?

An e-commerce plugin is like a special tool that you can add to your WordPress website. It helps you sell things, take customer payments, track orders, and make your online store look how you want it to. So, these plugins are needed when making an online store.

Why are WordPress E-commerce Plugins Important?

E-commerce plugins are important because they help run online stores by handling things like products, prices, shipping, taxes, and automatic processes. They also provide ways to make the store more personalized, make it easier to find products, simplify the checkout process, and allow multiple vendors to sell items. This makes the store more effective at increasing sales and revenue.

What should you look for in a WordPress e-commerce plugin for your site?

There are many plugins available for WordPress websites that help with selling products online. However, not all of them have the necessary features for your specific situation.

For instance, certain e-commerce plugins are created specifically for selling digital items such as eBooks, photos, and music. Some people are more suitable for selling physical products that need to be shipped. If you want to start a drop-shipping business, you’ll need an e-commerce solution that can help you with drop-shipping.

Simply put, you need to think about what you want to sell and what features you will need to run your online store effectively. In addition, here are some of the most important things to consider when picking an e-commerce platform.

Payment Solutions: Your online store software should be able to work with the payment services you prefer, either built-in or with an add-on.

Design and customization: Your shop’s appearance is your customers’ first notice. Make sure there are many different options to choose from and that it’s easy to change and personalize them.

Apps and Integration: Look at how to connect popular apps with services like email marketing, customer relationship management, and accounting software. You will need these tools to handle your e-commerce business better and expand it.

Support Options:  Make sure there are ways to get help and support when needed. Having helpful and friendly customer service can help you keep more money in your pocket over time.

The Best E-commerce WordPress Plugins

Most successful businesses usually try out and compare different e-commerce plugins until they find the ones that work best for them. When choosing the best WordPress e-commerce plugins, we think about how easy it is to use, how much it costs, what it can do, and what it can’t do. Let’s delve into the five best WordPress e-commerce plugins we’ve chosen for your WordPress website.

1. WooCommerce:

  • This WordPress shopping plugin is very popular and widely used for creating online stores.
  • It is user-friendly for beginners and guides you through the process of creating your online store, one step at a time.
  • There are local gatherings for WooCommerce users to connect and helpful assistance to make it easy for new users to get started.
  • With this software, you can easily add many products and images, accept debit and credit card payments, and handle orders while moving.
  • This WordPress plugin for online shopping allows you to sell physical and digital products. It also allows you to organize your product pages and display ratings on them.
  • It is highly customizable.
  • There are various integrations available, such as Google, Mailchimp, Facebook, etc
  • It is free with add-ons ranging between free to $150/year.

2. Yoast SEO

  • This is the best SEO tool for improving your online store on WordPress.
  • It started in 2008 and helped many people with their SEO work.
  • Yoast SEO offers courses to help you learn more about SEO and improve the content on your website.
  • It helps you appear higher in search results and make your content easy to understand for visitors.
  • This plugin for WordPress helps you to outperform your competitors and makes it easier for search engines to understand your website.
  • Automated enhancements to SEO for better search engine results, including the use of canonical URLs and meta tags.
  • XML sitemaps that are more advanced are now accessible.
  • Title and meta description templates are now accessible for users.
  • Increases the efficacy of analyzing a text’s readability and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • It is available in the free plan, and the Premium version is $89/year for one site

3. WP Shopify

  • Shopify is a website that lets you sell things, there are many benefits of an online Shopify store but it stopped making its official plugin for WordPress. Therefore, WP Shopify was made to bridge that space.
  • You can connect your Shopify products to your WordPress site and sell them.
  • If you encounter problems during the setup, you will receive excellent help and assistance.
  • This is a really good tool for WordPress sites that allows you to add and sell your Shopify products on your website.
  • There is one button to buy something or a long list of things to choose from.
  • It makes buying and paying for things easy for your users.
  • WP Shopify is optimized for SEO.
  • Help in tracking sales and growth trends.
  • The free version of this plugin is available, but you need to have a Shopify account that starts at $9/month to use the plugin.
  • Supports PHP version 5.6 or higher.

4. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD)

  • , or EDD, provides an easy-to-use plugin for selling and handling digital products on WordPress.
  • If you only sell things like eBooks, PDF files, or audio clips (and nothing physical), using EDD instead of other WordPress e-commerce plugins is recommended.
  • EDD offers a complete shopping cart that allows you to handle payments on your website and reduce the number of clicks required.
  • The Extension Library has many extra tools and features. So, you can make a better online store by letting customers submit things and offering software licenses.
  • There are many choices for picking your payment system.
  • The main add-on is free. Most small businesses or artists can easily use and be successful with this sales process.
  • There is a significant and dynamic community of bloggers and developers associated with Easy Digital Downloads. This means blog posts are always available to help solve your problems and new extensions that can improve your store.
  • The subscriptions start at $199 per year and go all the way up to $899 per year for the all-access pass.

5. BigCommerce

  • BigCommerce is an online shopping platform that provides a headless solution.
  • The BigCommerce WordPress plugin helps you run an online business. All you have to do is link your BigCommerce account to a WordPress website and customize the backend of your online store from there.
  • Like WooCommerce, BigCommerce also lets you put product listings on WordPress pages using product blocks. Also, it is easy to handle different parts of your online store on WordPress using the BigCommerce dashboard.
  • This platform helps you make marketing materials and create discount codes to increase the number of people who buy your products or services.
  • It also has easy-to-understand tools that immediately give information about things like how people buy things and what people have bought in the past.
  • Simple-to-use BigCommerce building components.
  • We can accept different types of money and use payment systems that meet secure standards to process transactions.
  • Many new features can replace the need to install WordPress many plugins.


WordPress e-commerce plugins allow you to use a content management system to run an online business. Choosing the correct WordPress e-commerce plugins is very important because they have different features. In this blog, we discussed the five best WordPress e-commerce plugins that you can consider for your WordPress e-commerce website.

First, find a tool to convert your website into an online store. Also, look for a tool that can protect and secure your website. Another tool should assist with improving your website’s visibility in search engines. Lastly, find a tool that can provide customer support for your online store. You can choose to have other things, but it depends on the kind of business you want to do.

Hopefully, this helps you differentiate between the many options and service customers the best you can.  If you find it difficult to incorporate any of these best WordPress e-commerce management plugins for your website, you can always rely on people with expertise in WordPress development services.


What is the advantage of using plugins?

Plugins can add or extend your site’s functionality, allowing you to create virtually any kind of website, from e-commerce stores to portfolios to directory sites.

What are the best WordPress e-commerce plugins?

The best WordPress e-commerce plugins are WooCommerce, WP Shopify, Yoast Seo, etc.



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